Tamara Beckwith Veroni

The Inspiring Journey of Tamara Beckwith Veroni: From Loss to Advocacy while Having Tons of Fun and Making the Most of Life

In the REC Parenting podcast we discuss all things parenting with people we like and admire. Every month, a new interviewee sits down with our host, Ana Aznar, to have an open and honest conversation about their parenting journey. All kinds of parenting issues are discussed in a relaxed, friendly, and supportive environment. We hope you enjoy it. We certainly enjoy creating it!

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The REC Parenting Podcast: Tamara Beckwith

«The REC Parenting Podcast: Tamara Beckwith». Lanzamiento: 2023. Pista 4. Género: podcast.

Show notes

Tamara Beckwith Veroni, a multi-talented woman with a diverse career, shares her journey from loss to advocacy in this inspiring episode. After losing her mother to gynaecological cancer, Tamara co-founded the Lady Garden Foundation to raise awareness about these cancers. Through her work with the foundation, Tamara finds purpose, satisfaction, and a way to keep her mother’s memory alive. In addition to her advocacy work, Tamara discusses her parenting experience, highlighting the importance of putting in time and being present for her children and grandchild. She also embraces her mixed cultural background, navigating the occasional clashes that arise. Tamara believe in choosing kindness and teaching her children to be inclusive and empathetic. This episode explores the power of emotional support, the role of grandparents in a child’s life, and the delicate balance of love and limits in parenting.

It is difficult to describe Tamara’s career because she has done and continues to do so many things! Her career includes writing, presenting, acting, running several businesses and acting as an ambassador to several brands. At the moment, she devotes most of her time to the Lady Garden Foundation, a charity she co-created after the death of her beloved mum. The Lady Garden Foundation raises awareness about the five gynaecological cancers, often called “The Silent Killers”.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

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