FAQ REC Parenting users

What is REC Parenting?

REC Parenting is a service for parents. Because parenting is not easy. Become part of the REC Parenting tribe. There is no need to do it alone.
We partner with individuals and companies to support parents in their parenting journey. REC Parenting offers: masterclasses, a podcast, a blog, and one-to-one support with our qualified therapists.

What is included in a REC Parenting membership?

We have two types of membership.
– Regular plan includes: a library of parenting masterclasses taught by leading experts in their field, a parenting podcast, and 24/7 messaging with your therapist.
– Premium plan includes: a library of parenting masterclasses taught by leading experts in their field, a parenting podcast, and 24/7 messaging + 1 weekly chat or video call with your therapist.

How does one-to-one support work?

Once you complete a short questionnaire, we will match you with a therapist. You will both get access to your dedicated virtual room. This is your secure and private place to chat. In this room, you will write your questions and doubts and your therapist will write their replies. You can text your therapist at any time, from anywhere, using an Internet-connected device. You can text your therapist 24/7 and your therapist will reply within 24 hours. You can also schedule a live chat with your therapist. This way you can have the privacy of texting but also enjoy the benefit of a live interaction allowing instant responses and feedback from your therapist. To set up a live chat session, you need to schedule a time with your therapist in your private room. At the agreed time, you simply go to your secure room and start typing. Your therapist will be there. Finally, you also have the option to schedule a weekly video chat with your therapist. You will have to schedule a time with your therapist and at the agreed time, your therapist will initiate the video call in your secure room.

Who are the experts?

The masterclasses experts are top academics and practitioners in their fields. The one-to-one support is delivered by clinical psychologists and counsellors experts on parenting.

How are the therapists verified?

We check the credentials of our therapists to make sure that we only offer the services of qualified professionals. We request therapists to provide their qualifications documentation, proof of insurance, proof of identity and we individually interview them.

What masterclasses do you offer?

Our masterclasses are organized in six main categories: Pregnancy, Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Neurodivergent Children and Parents’ Zone.

Where can I watch the masterclasses?

You can watch them on desktop, phone, or TV. You cannot download the videos. Masterclasses include captions.

I signed up to the one-to-one support. How long until I am matched with a therapist?

We will match you with a therapist within 24 hours, although often we will do it quicker.

Can I go back and read my therapist’s previous messages?

Yes. You can always go back to your old messages. This may help you remembering some of the advice you have been given.

Can I stay anonymous?

Yes. When you sign up, we do not ask for your full name or contact information. Your therapist may request additional information about you if needed by their regulatory bodies, however this information is kept confidential and protected by our secure system and data protection laws.

How is my privacy protected?

Your confidentiality and security are incredibly important to us. We have built the most up-to-date infrastructure to make sure that the information you provide is safeguarded. For more information see our Privacy Policy. However, here are a few things that are important for you to know:
– Everything you tell your therapist is totally confidential. No one in REC Parenting has access to your messages other than your therapist.
– Messages between you and your therapist are secured and encrypted.
– You can delete your messages with your therapist by clicking the ‘erase’ button next to each message that you have sent.
– We are Cyber Essentials Certified. This is a UK government standard cyber security certification showing that we have taken the necessary measures to mitigate common risks an cyber threats.
– We do not share your private data with any third parties.

How do I cancel?

We are confident that REC Parenting will empower you to be the parent you want to be. This is why we are happy to offer a free trial, you can cancel for free within 7 days. If you are not happy with us, get in touch at client.support@recparenting.com and we will be delighted to help you.

You can also change your membership level at any time. Simply email us at client.support@recparenting.com and we will be happy to help you.

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership renewal through your account page. Please note that there are no refunds for partially unused membership periods.

If we have not answered your question

Please email us at hello@recparenting.com We would love to hear from you!

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