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Season 2 Episode 1 From loneliness to connection.

In the REC Parenting podcast we discuss all things parenting with people that we like and admire. Every month, a new interviewee sits down with our host, Ana Aznar, to have an open and honest conversation about their parenting journey. All kinds of parenting issues are discussed in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment. We hope you enjoy it. We certainly enjoy creating it!

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From Loneliness to Connection: A Conversation with Carrie Frais

"From Loneliness to Connection: A Conversation with Carrie Frais" by Dr Ana Aznar. Released: 2024. Track 1. Genre: podcast.

Show notes

In this podcast episode, Ana chats with Carrie Frais, founder and director of MumAbroad, a resource for international families living in Europe. Carrie shares her experience as an immigrant parent in this insightful podcast interview. Carrie discusses the challenges and benefits of raising expat kids, the sense of loneliness and belonging, and the constant need for adaptation and integration. Carrie’s journey as a mother in a foreign country led her to create MumAbroad, an online platform connecting expat parents. Through her work and personal experiences, she strives to encourage open conversations about the realities of motherhood abroad and provide a supportive community for others facing similar challenges. The interview delves into Carrie’s book, ‘#LivingTheDream: Expat life stripped bare’, which offers raw and honest stories from nine immigrant women. It highlights the complexities of life abroad, including grief, loss, and the constant search for a sense of home. Overall, Carrie’s insights provide valuable perspectives on the joys and struggles of being an immigrant parent.

Carrie Frais is a British born TV & radio journalist, writer, podcaster and entrepreneur. During her time working for the BBC, ITV, Sky News and Sky Sports, she covered a number of major global news and sports events. Carrie is the founder of MumAbroad, an online platform connecting expat parents. She is the editor an co-author of the anthology ‘#LivingTheDream: Expat life stripped bare‘, focusing in the challenges of living ‘away from home’. Carrie is a mum of two teenagers.

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