Adolescence Childhood

Sleep hygiene tips for children and adolescents

Expert: Dr Anna Joyce
Masterclass structure: 18 lessons (33:49 minutes)

About this class

Sleep is fundamental for children’s wellbeing and development. Yet, we don’t always teach our children then how to establish healthy sleep habits. In this masterclass, Dr Anna Joyce provides us with very useful tips to create healthy sleep habits that will help your child and the whole family. This masterclass is of interest to parents of children of all ages.


About the expert

Dr Anna Joyce is a Lecturer in Psychology, specialising in sleep and atypical development. Her researcher focuses on sleep and cognition in typical and atypical development, and the impact of sleep problems on children’s cognition and behaviour. She is especially interested in cognitive development in children with developmental disorders and whether sleep problems which are common in these children could be at least partly responsible for some of the cognitives difficulties they face. She conducts research in aytpical groups, including Down syndrome, Williams syndrome, Autism and intellectual disability.

Anna is a chartered psychologist and an honorary lecturer at UCL. She has previously held research and clinical roles at Coventry University and Evelina London, St Thomas’ Hospital.

Lessons in this class

18 Lessons (33:49min)
The complete masterclass 32:46
1. Lesson - Meet your expert 0:40
2. Lesson - How much sleep do children need? 0:32
3. Lesson - How do I know if my child is getting enough sleep? 0:54
4. Lesson - Routine is key 2:55
5. Lesson - When a child lives between two households 1:28
6. Lesson - Diet and sleep 2:15
7. Lesson - Exercise and sleep 0:54
8. Lesson - Leave a light on or not? 2:06
9. Lesson - Screens and sleep 1:59
10. Lesson - Fears, worries and the dark 3:03
11. Lesson - Dealing with bed resistance 2:15
12. Lesson - Nothing works with my child! 0:59
13. Lesson - Waking up through the night 1:40
14. Lesson - The bedroom 4:37
15. Lesson - Is it good to have a hot bath before bed time? 1:21
16. Lesson - Sleep and adolescents 1:34
17. Lesson - Saying good night 1:57
18. Lesson - Take home message 2:40

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