Parenting can be difficult. Balancing a career while parenting can be even more difficult.

Show your employees you care by partnering with REC Parenting. Because employees’ benefits are no longer a choice but a must.

Working parents are worn out.

  • 90% Working parents say they need support to meet
    responsibilities at work and home.
  • 67% Working parents say they are not getting enough
    help from employers’ benefits
  • 46% Parents have left their jobs in the last year or are
    considering leaving

Why REC Parenting?

Free online information can often be confusing, contradictory, biased or not backed by science.
Books and articles can be either too general or too specific. It’s difficult and time-consuming to find pertinent information on a specific topic.
Friends and family are eager to give advice, but it isn’t always objective, and it can sometimes be out of date.
Working parents don’t have time to find the right therapist nor schedule in-person meetings, which are often during working hours.
REC Parenting offers Reliable, Expert, Confident information and support. All in one place.

The advantages of working with REC Parenting:

Improve and tailor your employee benefits package

45% of UK employees expect employers to provide benefits alongside salary;
75% want a more tailored package

Improve your corporate image

83% of millennials only want to deal with companies that align with their values

Attract and retain talent

75% of employees are more likely to stay in their company because of the benefits package

Support your employees’ mental health

Full-time and part-time working mothers experience 40% and 30% more stress than working women with no children

Show your employees you care

Employees who feel valued are typically more productive and stay longer in the company

How to partner
with REC Parenting


Contact us

Once you get in touch with us, a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your company’s needs.

Choose the coverage & the plan that best suits your company

E.g., annual vs shorter term. There are two available plans:

Roll out within a week

Eligible employees will receive an email with instructions on how to activate their REC Parenting account. They will get access to masterclasses, podcast, and one-to-one support.

Masterclasses Podcast Messaging1 Weekly chat or video call PREMIUM REGULAR

All done

Your employees will have access to REC Parenting for a period of your choosing.

Research shows that the more parents know about parenting and child development*:

The less anxiety they experience
The more competent they feel to raise their children
The better they consider their children to behave
* Winter, L., Morawska,A., & Sanders, M.R. (2012). Parenting knowledge and socioeconomic status: A comparison between a higher and lower risk. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 21, 881-890.

* Bornstein, M.H., & Cote, L.R. (2003). Cultural and parenting cognitions in acculturating cultures: Patterns of prediction and structural coherence. Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology, 34,350-373.

We support your company all the way

Designated support team
Monthly usage analysis free of any personally identifiable information
Tailored content to your employees’ needs
Tailored one-to-one support based on your employees’ needs
Monthly newsletter
2 x dedicated events per year for your employees

We support your employees all the way

Reliable and expert parenting information
A safe and private space where parents can solve their doubts and worries without being judged
Totally confidential and secure
Organized to fit parents’ schedules
Accessible anytime, anywhere
No more commuting and wasting time

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