Why babies laugh

Expert: Dr Caspar Addyman
Masterclass structure: 12 lessons (22:33 minutes)

About this class

In this masterclass, Dr Caspar Addyman explores the science behind babies’ laugh. This is a topic that has mostly been ignored because researchers typically focus on babies’ crying. Dr Addyman explores why babies laugh is important and the things that make them happy. This masterclass is useful for all parents of babies because who does not love a happy baby?

About the expert

Dr Caspar Addyman is a developmental psychologist interested in learning, laughter and behaviour change. He is mostly interested in babies and what makes them happy. For many years he was the director of the Baby Laughter Project at Goldsmiths University examining why babies laugh and why laughter is important for their cognitive and emotional development. Caspar is the author of ‘The laughing baby: The extraordinary science behind what makes babies happy’.

Lessons in this class

12 Lessons (22:33min)
0. Lesson - Dr Caspar Addyman: Why do babies laugh? 0:16
1. Lesson - Meet your expert 0:39
2. Lesson - Aim of this masterclass 1:16
3. Lesson - What happens in the first two years of a baby's life? 3:24
4. Lesson - What do babies need to succeed? 2:22
5. Lesson - Babies are social animals 2:05
6. Lesson - Why do babies laugh? 0:57
7. Lesson - Peekaboo and tickling 2:30
8. Lesson - Social relationships 0:58
9. Lesson - A good night sleep 1:53
10. Lesson - Constant learning 5:37
11. Lesson - Take home message 0:36

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