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Mum rage

Expert: Dr Caroline Boyd

Masterclass structure: 9 lessons (40: 05 minutes)

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About this class

Do you ever lose your sh*t with your kids and then feel guilty? You are not alone! We all feel mum rage sometimes. Mum rage refers to the intense feelings of anger, frustration, and overwhelm experienced by mothers, often triggered by the demands and stresses of parenting. In this masterclass, clinical psychologist, Dr Caroline Boyd helps you understand the psychological factors behind these feelings and provides support to help you cope with and manage them effectively. Experiencing anger as a mother is normal, but it’s essential to find healthy ways to cope with and manage these feelings for your well-being and the well-being of your family.  This masterclass is aimed to all parents, because let’s be honest, we all lose it at some point or other!

About the expert

Chartered clinical psychologist Dr Caroline Boyd has over 10 years’ experience working in the NHS and mental health settings, and she supports parents from pregnancy to childbirth and beyond. Caroline is the author of Mindful New Mum, and her published research explores mothers’ experiences of intrusive thoughts about their babies. Caroline is an Ambassador for UK perinatal mental health charity, PANDAS, and her work has been featured in You magazine, Grazia, and BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

Caroline specialises in supporting parents around anger and anxiety in her independent psychology practice, Parent Therapy Hub. She shares psychology ideas on Instagram and in the media to help parents feel more connected – to themselves and their children – and less alone.
You can reach Caroline at or via Instagram @_drboyd
Caroline offers anger courses for mothers:
Caroline’s book, Mindful New Mum: A Mind-Body Approach to the Highs and Lows of Motherhood, is available to buy online Amazon, Waterstones or Bookshop

Lessons in this class

10 Lessons (40:42min)
0. Lesson - Meet your expert 1:14
1. Lesson - The complete masterclass 0:00
2. Lesson - Understanding mum anger and mum rage 5:32
3. Lesson - How to recognise when you are going to lose it 2:09
4. Lesson - How to understand your triggers 4:40
5. Lesson - What is the best thing to do if you are going to lose it? 3:24
6. Lesson - The myth of super mum 6:05
7. Lesson - Understanding rupture and repair 6:56
8. Lesson - I shout all the time: How do I break the cycle? 9:09
9. Lesson - Take home message 1:33

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