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Work-Life Balance for Parents: Is it Possible?

Expert: Dr Rachel Melville Thomas

Masterclass structure: 10 lessons (41: 48 minutes)

Also available in podcast. Listen here.

Sobre esta clase

Being a working parent is not easy. Dealing with work and home pressures can often be exhausting, overwhelming and stressful. In this masterclass, Dr Rachel Melville Thomas reflects on this topic and gives us helpful advice from a very understanding and non-judgmental point of view. This masterclass is for all working parents.

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Sobre el experto

Rachel Melville Thomas qualified from the British Association of Psychotherapists and worked for many years at the University College Hospital (UCH), London, helping children and their families understand and cope with illness, surgery and chronic disease. During her time at UCH, she was involved in the training of paediatricians, nurses and radiology staff, helping to improve communication with their young patients.

She also has extensive experience in NHS Child and Family Psychological Services, schools, special needs provision and in private practice working with wide range of child and adolescent difficulties. These include anxiety, depression, psychosomatic and eating disorders, as well as children with learning difficulties. Rachel has a special interest in helping kids with everyday worries, and also works extensively with children with social communication problems.

During her time in the USA, she qualified as a Movement Therapist at Hahnemann Medical University, Philadelphia, (M.A. Creative Arts in Therapy) which focused on using non-verbal and creative therapies in child and adult psychiatry. She was part of the innovative team at the Laban Centre London, extensively lecturing and supervising trainees, and helping to establish the first accredited Master’s degree course in Movement Therapy in Europe in 1985.

Rachel is an accomplished radio broadcaster for the BBC in the UK since 2001 and also had a popular weekly radio show ‘Kids In Mind’ on World Radio Switzerland for many years.

Her unique approach of understanding the child whilst offering simple and practical ideas to try has helped and supported numerous parents and carers around the world.

Lecciones de esta clase

13 Lessons (1:23:26hour)
0. Lección - The complete masterclass 41:00
1. Lección - Meet your expert 0:34
2. Lección - What is work-life balance? 2:00
3. Lección - How to deal with parent guilt? 5:00
4. Lección - Working outside the home: Is there a moment when children need you most? 3:28
5. Lección - Should you be your kid's friend? 2:00
6. Lección - What if I resent my children? And how to voice negative feelings 5:00
7. Lección - Working single parents 3:20
8. Lección - Working parents of neurodivergent children 3:00
9. Lección - The sandwich generation 3:30
10. Lección - Quality time vs Quantity time: What matters most? 5:00
11. Lección - Practical tips for working parents 9:00
12. Lección - Take home message 0:34

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