Adolescencia Infancia

Maths anxiety: Everything you need to know

Expert: Professor Thomas Hunt
Masterclass structure: 7 lessons (36:49 minutes)

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Sobre esta clase

Do you or your child get nervous when having to do anything related to numbers and maths? Do you or your child say ‘I am so bad at maths’, ‘I am not a number person’. If that is your case, or your child’s, you may be experiencing maths anxiety. In this masterclass, Dr Thomas Hunt, explains what maths anxiety is and gives very useful tips to help our children if this is their case. This masterclass is of interest to parents whose children struggle with maths. And for parents themselves (I, for one found this masterclass incredibly useful!).


About the expert

Dr Thomas Hunt researchers the interplay between emotion and mathematical processing. This encompasses factors such as maths anxiety, maths resilience, maths confidence, maths self-efficacy, and maths attitudes. He works with various schools to teach and discuss strategies to reduce maths anxiety in the classroom. He has a particular interest in reducing the achievement gap observed among disadvantaged children.

Dr Hunt is a chartered psychologist and senior fellow of Advance HE. He is also a committee member of the Maths Anxiety Trust and regularly work with organisations such as Learnus UK and National Numeracy. Thomas is an Associate Professor in Psychology at the College of Health, Psychology and Social Care at the University of Derby. He leads the Mathematics Anxiety Research Group and is Chair of the College Research Committee (research environment).

Lecciones de esta clase

7 Lessons (36:49min)
La masterclass completa 50:18
1. Lección - Conoce a tu experto 1:24
2. Lección - What is maths anxiety? 4:37
3. Lección - Where does maths anxiety come from? 5:08
4. Lección - Are there cultural differences? 2:13
5. Lección - My child is maths anxious: What do I do? 13:12
6. Lección - How can my child's school help? 3:28
7. Lección - How do I know when my child needs help?  6:47

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