Bebé El embarazo

Breastfeeding 101

Expert: Dee Bell
Masterclass structure: 12 lessons ( 1 hour 16 minutes)

Sobre esta clase

Breastfeeding comes easy to some whereas for others it can be quite tricky. Therefore, the best thing to do before your baby arrives is to decide on a feeding plan and if you choose to breastfeed to come to it as prepared as possible. You need to look no further because in this masterclass, our expert Dee Bell tells you (and demonstrates) everything you need to know in order to make the experience of breastfeeding as enjoyable as possible. This masterclass is highly recommended for expecting parents and for parents of newborns and young babies.

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About the expert

Dee Bell is a registered Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Specialist Tongue-tie Practitioner. She worked within the NHS for over 16 years before leaving to specialise in Infant Feeding and Tongue-tie in private practice. She then founded Birth, Baby & You (a feeding support service for new families) in order to offer a more bespoke service to her clients and give them the expert support and time they so desperately need. Dee has supported thousands of families with Infant feeding and have carried out literally thousands of tongue-tie releases over the past 13 years. In 2021 Dee fulfilled a dream and founded The Infant Feeding Academy in other to teach other practitioners what she does.

Lecciones de esta clase

12 Lessons (1:16:30hour)
La masterclass completa 1:15:51
1. Lección - Conoce a tu experta 0:38
2. Lección - Understanding the role of different professionals 9:05
3. Lección - What to consider when planning how to feed your baby 8:31
4. Lección - Expressing milk manually: Why, When and How 8:25
5. Lección - Foods to have or not to have while breastfeeding 2:32
6. Lección - Best breastfeeding techniques and postures 4:02
7. Lección - Sore nipples 2:54
8. Lección - Feeding routines and milk supply 9:46
9. Lección - Demonstration: The laid back position 12:26
10. Lección - Demonstration: The rugby ball hold position 4:46
11. Lección - Demonstration: The cradle position 11:30
12. Lección - Take home message 1:55

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