Teen dating violence

Expert: Dr Kirsty Lee
Masterclass structure: 14 lessons (41:52 minutes)

Sobre esta clase

Teen dating violence is an uncomfortable topic, no parent wants to think that their child may be experiencing it. Sadly, it is quite prevalent in today’s society and therefore as parents we must be aware that our teens are at risk of experiencing it. In this masterclass, Dr Kirsty Lee, explains how teen dating violence looks like, signs to look for, how to talk to your child if you think they are being abused or if your child is the abuser. This masterclass is of interest to all parents of teenagers because sadly all teenagers are at risk.


About the expert

Dr Kirsty Lee completed a BSc in Psychology and then worked as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist in the NHS. In 2011, she began work at the Institute of Child Health (UCL) and in 2012 was awarded a CLAHRC Studentship to complete a MSc in Health Sciences at the University of York. Here she was awarded a Distinction and an Outstanding Academic Prize. She completed a PhD in Psychology in 2016 at the University of Warwick where she won the Faculty of Science PhD publication prize. Currently she is an Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick. Her research focuses on the links between violence and mental health in adolescence.

Lecciones de esta clase

15 Lessons (1:22:54hour)
0. Lección - La masterclass completa 41:02
1. Lección - Conoce a tu experta 1:01
2. Lección - What is dating violence? 0:33
3. Lección - Who is more likely to be a perpetrator? 3:42
4. Lección - Victim characteristics 2:22
5. Lección - Is my teenager suffering dating violence? Signs to look for 2:09
6. Lección - What is emotional abuse? 3:36
7. Lección - How to establish healthy boundaries 4:11
8. Lección - How to talk to your child if you think there is an issue 8:49
9. Lección - Dating violence throughout adolescence 2:03
10. Lección - When is the right time to talk about this topic? 2:32
11. Lección - When your child is the abuser 4:46
12. Lección - Should you never argue with your partner in front of the kids? 1:30
13. Lección - Características de una relación romántica sana 3:10
14. Lección - Take home message 1:28

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