Bebé Infancia

Growing up bilingual

Expert: Dr Virginia Lam
Masterclass structure: 14 lessons ( 43:40 minutes)

Sobre esta clase

Growing up bilingual can be both a privilege and a challenge. Questions such as ‘Shall I speak only in language to my child or change between my two languages?’; ‘Should both parents speak in both languages or should each one stick to one language?’ or ‘Will my child take longer to start speaking if they grow up using two languages?’ are common amongst parents. In this masterclass, Dr Virginia Lam provides answers to these questions and many more on the topic of growing up bilingual. This masterclass is of interest to all parents whose children are growing up in a bilingual environment.


About the expert

Dr Virginia Lam is a social and developmental psychologist focused on examining children’s bilingual development. She is the coauthor of the textbook «Developmental Psychology» with two editions and an Italian edition, published by Pearson. Virginia is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Roehampton London.

Lecciones de esta clase

15 Lessons (1:26:31hour)
0. Lección - The complete masterclass 42:51
1. Lección - Meet your expert 0:33
2. Lección - What does it mean to be bilingual? 2:46
3. Lección - Mechanisms of growing up bilingual 1:54
4. Lección - Parents speaking different languages: What to do? 4:33
5. Lección - What are the benefits of growing up bilingual? 2:10
6. Lección - Are there downsides to growing up bilingual? 6:50
7. Lección - Teenagers growing up bilingual 3:59
8. Lección - Learning the accent 2:12
9. Lección - Are some people better at languages than others? 1:33
10. Lección - Are there some methods to learn languages better than others? 3:03
11. Lección - Languages and neurodivergent children 4:37
12. Lección - Parental expectations 5:38
13. Lección - Language clubs: Are they worth it? 2:47
14. Lección - Take home message 1:05

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